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George C. Faugl, Jr., Esq
Mediator - Arbitrator
Circuit - Family - Appellate
Federal & Foreclosures

8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 300
Tampa, Florida 33637

(813) 991-9333
Fax (813) 991-9603

Email: gfaugl@ntmsonline.com


me·di·a·tion, noun

A process for bringing about agreement or reconciliation between opponents in a dispute. MEDIATION implies deliberation that results in solutions that may or may not be accepted by the contending parties. Mediation is a voluntary process facilitated by a neutral third-party who guides disputing parties to help them come to a fair and workable agreement that both sides can live with.


At New Tampa Mediation Services, Inc., we work with and encourage disputing parties to find resolutions that make more sense than filing or continuing with a lawsuit. We adhere to the core principals of mediation to remain impartial, listen to and respect the views of the parties, explore every path or idea to reach a resolution, maintain confidentiality, and provide compassionate but candid discussions on the risk and rewards between a negotiated settlement and going to court.

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